Work your shoulders, delts and core to paddle vigorously upwind; then reward the effort by gliding effortlessly back down that same sweet breeze.  By encouraging play with the wind, the Ta'loo-ard Paddlesail will not only deliver a terrific water workout, it will also enhance your appreciation of -- and experience within -- nature!

Paddle Up...


Sail Down...

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Hand Crafted in the USA, Ta'loo-ard Paddle sails are Available in a Rainbow of Vibrant colors ...




  • Attaches Easily With Velcro To Any Paddle
  • Paddle Sail Unfurls in Seconds
  • Hand Crafted in the USA
  • Made from 1.5 oz Ripstop Spinnaker Cloth
  • The sail is 58" x 64" and folds neatly into a 8" x 12" bag made from the same material
  • Weighs Less than 8 oz